Organoid® – innovative and striking, these boards and panels made from completely organic materials. The fundamental idea behind the organoid® technology is based on the beneficial effect that flowing, organic freeform building components produce on the observer. We believe that the well-being and life quality of an individual in his or her working or living environment can be significantly improved with primal, organic forms and the employment of natural materials.

Organoid® Decorative Coatings are characterized by their naturalness and authenticity. They allow a new experience of natural raw materials through all the senses as the surface is untreated and therefore also the scenting characteristics are preserved. We only use natural and authentic raw materials which are not used in conventional production processes. Enjoy the unique authentic scent of hand-cut alpine hay from an altitude of 1,700 m above sea level, grown on the hillsides of the Wildspitze, the highest mountain in Tirol.